Word of the week... Pandiculation

April 14, 2020

If you're fed up with a certain word beginning with 'pan', here's a more soothing addition to your vocabulary.

Ever watch enviously as your dog or cat gets up after a nap and enjoys a long, luxurious stretch from nose to tail? Ever think, I wish I was that flexible?


Well, you would be if you took better care of your pandiculation routine. Also described as a stiffening of the torso, that righteous stretching is such a primal part of our pets' daily habits –taking place after every sleep, in fact – that they don't even think about it.


We witness them doing it every day but, unless you happen to be a fitness fanatic or yoga devotee, there's a good chance that, right now, you're struggling to remember the last time you gave yourself a really good, mindful, muscle-cracking stretch.


Doesn't having a name for something suddenly make it seem more real, more present, more important? It's a well-known fact that regular stretching can help to improve flexibility, blood flow, back pain, posture, mental health and more. But, let's face it, spending dedicated time on stretching can also look pretty indulgent to the uninformed observer.


However, being able to inform your family that you're stepping out to take care of your daily pandiculation regimen adds a touch of gravitas and dignity that should stifle the sniggers. 



Image by Jonathan Sautter from Pixabay 





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