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March 17, 2020

Okay, so the news isn't good. We're living in extraordinary times and businesses are having to find ways to ride out the storm – with no idea how long the storm will last or how fiercely it will rage.


Right now, many business owners and managers will be facing the unnerving prospect of trying to stay afloat in significant adversity. Customers and clients are likely to offer some slack as everyone tries to adjust to the new, current reality.


However, continued communication with your customers is going to be essential as we all try to navigate the coronavirus challenge. If you have a blog function on your website and you're guilty of not having really used it consistently in the past, now is the time to embrace your blog as a true friend in need.

 Perhaps you're planning to send out mass emails to your customer base, clients, partners, suppliers and/or staff. That's fine, but – thanks to GDPR – it also limits the information to a database of established contacts who have given their consent to receive your emails. That keeps other key contact groups – such as clients who have declined to give contact consent, potential new customers, local authorities, the media – somewhat in the dark.


Having a blog is like having your own personal news feed, right there on your website. Here you can: share your newsletter content further afield; give real-time updates on your company's opening hours, plans and activity; appeal for help or advice when needed; continue to promote the products and services you are able to offer; and generally maintain a consistent dialogue with your customers and the world at large. 


When you know that your company's activity or services are going to be reduced for a while, or if you're likely to be short-staffed, producing blog content – especially about general topics related to your brand, rather than just the current health crisis – helps to keep your brand fresh, relevant and active online while you deal with challenges behind the scenes. It also gives you new material to share on social media, which helps your company to stay at the top of customers' news feeds.


When resources are likely to be short over the coming weeks or months, it makes sense to arm yourself with some pre-written blogs that can be posted or scheduled to run at regular intervals.


So, keep talking, stay connected and increase the chances of having an engaged audience to come back to once the coronavirus crisis has passed.


Image: Werner Moser from Pixabay





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