Creativity is all about the 'can do'

February 27, 2020

We're often told about the importance of creativity, particularly in business. Commerce experts and gurus wax lyrical about the perils of the rigid mindset – citing the chaos that disruptors have caused for long-established corporations across many sectors in recent years.


The message seems to be that if we don't keep innovating and choose instead to rest on our laurels, those laurels might start to grow thorns.


Yet when we attempt to be creative, to break out of our comfort zones, to push the boundaries, there is often a chorus of naysayers just waiting to tell us what we can't do. People in business tend to find this happens more frequently when they want to pursue ideas that are outside their immediate area, or level, of expertise.



This can especially be the case when people are either starting out in a new business or adding an extra string to their bow. Whilst there is certainly an argument for understanding the viability of an idea before committing to it, is it really true that you can't possibly have a good - even a great - proposal, just because you're not a world-leading expert in the subject matter?


I enjoyed this article on Psychology Today, which suggests that positivity, belief and having a 'can do' attitude are more important - indeed, more self-fulfilling - than coming to a task with a ton of qualifications and experience. 


For me, there's an obvious tag-on for this idea, which is that most things are possible with the right support. Maybe it is naive to think that you can suddenly be successful in an entirely different field, just because you've got an amazing idea that you believe in. But the solution, surely, lies in connecting with the people who can fill that gap with their own expertise. 


Late dressmaker to the Queen, Norman Hartnell, famously couldn't sew a stitch. Did he let that stop him from becoming a legend in the fashion industry? No, he simply recruited expert cutters and sewers to bring his amazing designs to life. He didn't allow a technical hitch to prevent his dreams from becoming reality - and neither should you.


If you've got a creative idea but you're not sure how to proceed, ask for the right help and you could be amazed by the results. 



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