Does my small business need a blog?

The last time you checked, there were only 24 hours in a day. For the average small business owner, that can seem barely enough time to deal with all the many tasks you're already juggling.

So, the idea of adding a regular blog to your workload might seem like a very low priority. But by not doing so, you could be missing out on the chance to extend your brand’s reach in really exciting ways.

Why should you start a blog?

Here are just a few reasons why blogs can prove to be marketing dynamite for small businesses:

1. A compelling blog post can grab the attention of brand new customers. If potential clients aren’t searching directly for your company name, they may be searching for the sorts of topics you can write about well. So, catch their eye by blogging about the things that interest them.

In fact, way back in 2016, Forbes reported that websites with blogs typically have 434% more indexed web pages (pages that Google has deemed of good enough quality to appear in search results) than those that don't.

2. You can speak directly to your existing and potential customers. The people who find their way to your website, or follow you on social media, are the types of people you want to connect with further. They’ve already given a nod of interest to your products or services – your blog provides an opening for a real conversation about why your brand is right for them. With luck, they could also share your content with other likeminded folks.

3. Fresh content boosts SEO, which means higher Google rankings. Okay, so it’s a bit more complicated than that, but posting new, relevant and interesting content doesn’t hurt your online visibility one little bit. Those potential new customers I mentioned are more likely to find their way to your website if you’ve enhanced your search engine optimisation with sparkling new posts. You’ve probably already sown your website with SEO keywords, but each new blog gives you another bite of the SEO cherry.

4. A smart blog is a great marketing tool – and it’s free. Once your website is set up and hosted, it costs nothing to use your blog as often as you like. You can also share your blog posts on social media without charge, so a limited advertising budget is no barrier to sharing your message with the world.

5. Not every bit of news needs an advert. You might want to bolster your special offers, new product launches and priority announcements with an advertising campaign, but with some stories, you just want to share it without splashing the cash. Not a problem – your blog is your individual news hub that can be used for any purpose.

6. There are no gatekeepers. Ever tried to get your exciting business story covered by the local media? When you’ve worked hard to put together an event or take your business to a new level, a lack of interest from local newspapers – whose resources and available column inches are being increasingly squeezed ­– can be a bit deflating. One of the reasons why small businesses start blogs is the limitless potential for exposure. With creative use of social media, your blog post could, in theory, be seen by anyone in the world!

7. Who’s the expert? There’s an old maxim for writers that goes, ‘Show, don’t tell.’ Telling people that you’re a rock star in your field is fine, but they’ll be more convinced if you show them by sharing your expertise. Answering some commonly asked questions, writing a ‘how to’ guide or just posting frequently about your specialist subject can show potential customers that you really know your onions. Or your website design, or your floristry displays, or your carpentry… You get the idea.

8. You’re never out of sight, out of mind. Even when a customer isn’t in current need of your product or service, you deserve to be remembered, right? Regular blogging keeps your company name popping up on their news feed or internet search, so they’re more likely to think of you next time they need what you can provide. In a time of lockdowns and social distancing restrictions, staying in touch virtually is more important than ever.

9. It’s good to talk. A great small business blog shouldn’t be a one-way broadcast. It provides a chance to really engage with your current and future fan base. Ask for their thoughts and opinions; find out what they like, love and loathe about products in your space. A blog that is widely shared and commented on can provide great free feedback and data about your market.

10. Last but not least, blogging is fun! Sometimes you’ll want to blow your own trumpet. Sometimes you’ll want to pat an employee or supplier on the back. Sometimes you’ll want to reward your customers with a great perk or competition, or shout from the rooftops about your fantastic new product. Whatever the reason, blogging provides an outlet to celebrate everything that’s big, bold and beautiful about your small business.

Your blog is the mouthpiece for your business, so don't miss the opportunity to tell your story, your way.

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