Wedding bells are gonna chime – so should your venue’s blog!

Love is back in the air at last so, as couples start cautiously planning their nuptials again, wedding venues should be sharing the news.

It’s never nice to feel like just another statistic, but here it is. Apparently, by September last year, over 132,000 couples had postponed their 2020 celebrations. That sad figure included Yours Truly and my significant other.

Even more sadly, that wouldn’t be the only time we had to put the champagne on ice. To say that postponing our wedding – twice – was disappointing would be an understatement. And no, knowing that we were far from alone didn’t make us feel any better.

However, with two postponements under our collective belt, light is twinkling at the end of the tunnel. If the government’s lockdown easing roadmap goes to plan, we may finally get to tie the knot this autumn – hopefully, with a relatively ‘normal’ wedding day.

So, the exciting plans that had been on hold for nearly a year since the first postponement are now back on the agenda and we’re hungry for wedding inspiration!

Why should wedding venues publish a blog?

The last year has been confusing, to say the least and the lockdown roadmap steps still have some of us befuddled. How many times have you had to ask someone recently, “What’s happening on 12 April again? Can we meet indoors then, or is that May?”

As an engaged person trying to work out when on earth I’m finally going to bust my fabulous frock out of the closet, the hunger for news and reassurance is relentless.

So, if you run a wedding venue and you hope to attract new couples this year – and smooth the ruffled feathers of your already-booked love birds – your business blog is the place to do it.

What should you write about?

- Explain the latest lockdown wedding rules for your nation, as often and as clearly as you can, and outline how that affects weddings at your venue.

- Talk about how your venue is responding to the easing and Covid-19 safety guidelines. Your couples will need to know that their loved ones will be safe and legally compliant on the big day.

- Outline the ways that you’re working with booked couples through the pandemic. Are you being super-flexible and reassuring? In that case, blow your own trumpet. Potential future customers will notice how businesses are treating their clients during this difficult time.

- Offer advice for how couples can cope with the stress and uncertainty of trying to plan a wedding while the world is on fire. Goodness knows, we need it!

- Give us beautiful pictures, fabulous décor ideas, real-life wedding photos – all this inspiration could bring more loved up couples to your door.

The mantra of this blog is always the same: it’s good to talk! So, take the time to share your news, views and practical tips and you could win the hearts of your readers for good.

Image by nihan güzel daştan from Pixabay


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