Show your blog some love for Valentine's Day

It’s one of the most important relationships in your working life, but how much love have you shown it recently?

As a way of communicating with your customers, attracting a potential new fanbase and sharing your company’s story, it’s a real hero. No matter how much you ignore it, it will never be lured away by other suitors – it will always be there, loyal and true, just waiting for the time and attention it craves.

Yes, folks, we’re talking about your small business blog. Perhaps you’ve been taking it for granted. Maybe you’ve been making dates with your blog but failing to show up. Has it been a pretty long time since you’ve told your blog how much you love it?

If you’re guilty of neglecting your website’s most loving partner, it’s not too late to save the relationship. Just a little bit of TLC could turn the situation around and help romance to flourish between you once again.

Here are a few tips for showing the love and winning over your blog (along with your audience):

It’s a date

How often should you write on your small business blog? That depends on the nature of your business and the news you want to share, as well as how much time you can realistically offer. But the key is consistency. Choose a frequency that is sustainable for you and stick to it. If you can only spend time with your blog once a month, that’s fine – but put the date on your calendar, don’t stand it up and focus on quality over quantity!

Good to talk

What should you write about on your company’s blog? Think about what would be of interest to your audience or what might give them an insight into your company’s values. Have you had a busy week preparing your new product launch? Did you finally choose the right packaging for your revamp? Why did you pick that fantastic new hire to join your team? Your blog just wants to hear what’s going on with you, so keep communicating!

Don’t be a stranger

Did you blog with meticulous regularity when your business first started, but the relationship has deteriorated ever since? In that case, if your last blog entry is more than a couple of months old, it might be a good idea to delete the old posts, even if you can't start afresh just yet. A once-loved blog that appears to be have been abandoned for a long time looks lonely and sad. Visitors might not just assume there’s just been a blog break-up – they may wonder if the business has ceased trading. So, get rid of those past flings and make a fresh start with your new blogging relationship.

Three isn’t necessarily a crowd

If you want to keep your blog happy but just don’t have the time or resources, would it be such a bad thing to open up the relationship? Hiring someone to write your small business blog for you would give your website the attention it needs, freeing you up to, well, see other people. (We’re talking about customers, okay?)

Should you hire a freelance blog writer? Well, they could put the spark back into a flagging relationship between you and your blog, while sharing the love for your business far and wide.

So, make a date with your blog and let’s get this love story back on track!