Should I bother to blog over Christmas?

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… Well, a weird and sad version of Christmas, but Christmas nonetheless.

As the big day looms and for many of us, a well-deserved break too, you might be wondering whether to bother keeping up your blogging activity over the Christmas period. When most people are going to be occupied with the extra distractions that the festive holiday brings, is it worth your time to keep sharing?

It’s hard enough for small businesses to find time to blog regularly, so if you think that fewer people will see it, it may not seem worth the effort.

Keep the blogging spirit going

If you’re a B2C business, the answer is most definitely yes, not least because your customers are likely to still be buying Christmas presents and supplies right up until the last possible moment. It’s not over until the last delivery person rings the last doorbell!

Then, before the turkey has even been digested, many people will be looking out for Boxing Day bargains and inspiration for New Year activities. So, keep blogging!

For B2B businesses, the calculation can be a little less straightforward. In the last few weeks before Christmas, your customers in other businesses may be experiencing one of two things (or even both). Either they will be rushed off their feet to meet pre-Christmas workloads or they’ll be gradually tuning out of work mode, as they look forward to what is probably the most anticipated festive break in the history of forever.

So, is blogging over the Christmas period still worth the effort for small B2B businesses?

I say, absolutely. Remember, businesses are run by people and those same people who have paid attention to your messages throughout the year will still be receptive to engaging content.

They may not be reading or looking for content at the usual times – for a large section of the workforce, the Monday to Friday schedule will, of course, go out of the window for a couple of weeks. But there will still be downtime. There will still be moments when they need to take a break from the bustle of a family Christmas (or a Christmas that is quieter than normal) to sit, relax and read something great.

This year, with social contact reduced to a minimum, there will probably be much more of that downtime than ever before.

Out with the old, in with the new

As the New Year approaches, people’s minds turn to the goals and aspirations they might have for the coming 12 months. Small business owners in particular never stop thinking about their ‘babies’ and for many, the next year will be critical. Goodness knows, we all need a great 2021! If your business is well-placed to help other companies make that happen, they’re going to want to hear from you as they start forming their plans for next year.

Remember, blogging over Christmas doesn’t mean being chained to your computer while the rest of the family tucks into mince pies and plays Pictionary. You can write all your blogs and social media posts in advance and use a scheduling tool to upload them at a time of your choosing.

Think about scheduling posts on days when people are less likely to be engaged with activities, such as the days in between Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve. (Again, thanks to Covid-19 restrictions, most people will have more time on their hands than usual this Christmas.)

If you need some ideas for engaging blog topics, take a look here.

So, keep talking, keep sharing and keep letting the world know why you’re great at what you do. You never know who might stumble across your blog as they consider who to work with in 2021!


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