How Twitter Trending could inspire your next blog

This week Twitter has released data about the most popular tweets of 2020, along with the most tweeted subjects of the year.

No prizes for guessing that Donald Trump and Covid-19 have dominated the cyber chat throughout 2020. But some of the most talked-about subjects were more of a surprise.

Let’s take TV shows as an example. No one will be amazed to hear that Netflix’s megahit Tiger King exploded on Twitter when it was first aired in March, or that fans are continuing to swap gossip about long-running medical drama Grey’s Anatomy.

The third season of Stranger Things was released back in the summer of 2019 but there is a fourth season in the works, so again, it’s not surprising that the show remains on viewers' minds.

But HBO’s juggernaut Games of Thrones finished for good over 18 months ago, yet still made it into Twitter’s top 10 most tweeted TV shows of 2020.

Getting blog topic ideas from social media

So, how can this help people who are trying to generate ideas for blogs or social media posts?

When you’re a small business, coming up with creative new blog posts on a regular basis can be a real struggle – not least because you’re, you know, running a business! So, any source of inspiration can be very welcome and take the pain out of creating original digital content.

That’s why a quick visit to the Twitter Trending page each morning can be a really good idea. Not only will this clue you into the current affairs and events that are catching people’s interest, it could also throw up some unexpected topics that relate (or can be made to relate) to your business.

If you can jump on a hashtag that is already trending, your blog could get many more – and more diverse – readers.

For example, on the morning that I wrote this post, #BennyHill was trending on Twitter. The British comedian died nearly 30 years ago, yet a widespread comparison to a certain beleaguered Prime Minister had sent Hill to the top of the Twitter charts.

This may be a rather niche example, but if you sell berets, perform slapstick comedy or have written a book about Benny Hill, you would have been laughing!

So, if you’re looking for ideas for your small business blog, why not use Twitter's Trending page to check out what people are talking about first? Then you could get a great idea and a head start on social media in one fell swoop!


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