Distance learning has brought my goals closer

Thanks to new skills training, I can offer an even wider range of support services to small businesses and the self-employed.

Like many people, when the Covid-19 pandemic hit the UK a year ago, it put my professional ambitions into a whole new perspective.

Many of my excellent clients were affected by the public health crisis, in a variety of ways. Also, due to the sad impact of the pandemic on certain industries, it was clear that we would see many more people setting up their own businesses or becoming self-employed in the months ahead.

Realising that the needs of the small business community were changing, I decided it was time to refresh some of my skills and add a few new strings to my business support bow.

Learning new skills at my own pace

For people in all walks of life, finding time to study and learn new skills can be fantastically difficult at the best of times. Let’s face it, the last 12 months have been far from the best of times, in terms of the unrelenting demands on our time and energy.

However, distance learning has always offered a more convenient option for those who can’t give up work and go back to full-time education or commit to in-person classes at set times. Since the world has been forced to go remote, virtual learning has, of course, really come into its own.

Last year I was excited to begin a package of short courses, with exceptional support from the lovely Paula Elliot at Pitman Training Dover. I’m pleased to say that I’ve now completed courses in:

- Search engine optimisation (SEO)

- Social media strategy and digital content creation

- Business accounts and structure

- Marketing

- Project management

- WordPress for business

With the aim of providing an even broader range of support services for small businesses, I’m now rounding off my studies with courses in double entry bookkeeping and Excel.

The ability to study via online learning, at a time and pace of my choosing, has made it possible to fit the courses in around my work schedule. When there seem to be barely enough hours in the day as it is, this flexibility has been essential to my professional development.

So, if you believe that learning new skills would boost your business but you’re not sure how to find the time, give distance learning a whirl. After all, you are your business’s most important asset.

Image by Hatice EROL from Pixabay


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