20 easy ideas for blog posts

Writing a blog is a fantastic way to connect with your customers, attract new ones and enhance your SEO. But for busy small businesses, finding the time to think of creative ideas can be difficult.

Here’s a list of 20 quick blog topic ideas that are sure to inspire you and provide interesting content for your followers.

1. How To guides. Is there a basic task or process that your customers always struggle with? Providing simple instructions for a common chore can push your blog towards the top of the search rankings. You’ll probably win a lot of grateful fans at the same time.

2. FAQs. Similarly, a simple post that answers a list of common questions for your customers could prove very popular. You can keep your answers short and snappy, but it will demonstrate your expertise while giving your visitors something of value. This could be questions about your product/service or your industry in general.

3. Company news. Got something exciting to share about the business, such as an award nomination or a fresh face on the team? Keep your readers updated on what’s going on behind the scenes, especially if it reflects your company’s growth or achievements.

4. Testimonials. If there is an existing customer who is willing to sing your praises, make sure that they’re heard by your target audience! Just a couple of lines saying how brilliant you are, perhaps posted as a graphic on a colourful background, will boost your reputation and credibility.

5. Case studies. When you’ve just completed an amazing project that shows off your skills, why not blow your own trumpet?

6. Comment on current events. Do you have a professional opinion about a related news story or event? If people are likely to be searching for a particular topic today, you can jump on it and add your opinion to the debate. Be cautious about controversial topics though – it’s best to devise a policy about what the business will and won’t comment on.

7. Hints and tips. Not quite the same as a how to guide, a short list of tips from an expert will prove popular with those looking for advice on a certain topic. These sorts of posts are great for sharing on social media. Don’t worry about giving away your trade secrets though – having seen how well you know your stuff, readers may be tempted to come back for more.

8. New products/services. If you’ve just launched or received a new product range, share the news with your customers. Don’t forget some good images!

9. Industry news. Has the government or a professional organisation announced something in relation to your industry? Explaining the details or giving your take on the matter will help those searching for information and show off your knowledge.

10. Images. Whether it’s a photo of your shop renovation in progress or something interesting you’ve spotted out of the window, a good picture is worth a thousand words.

11. Infographics. Everyone loves a good statistic and if it’s presented as an eye-catching infographic, the likelihood of it being shared is particularly high.

12. Event reports. If you’ve just attended an industry event (virtually) or listened to a webinar, give your thoughts on the content. By commenting positively about other people and companies in the industry, you’ll encourage them to react to or even share your post on their own social media channels.

13. Reviews. When a new product or tool appears for your line of work, people are sure to be interested in a professional opinion on whether it’s worth the money.

14. Special offers / discounts / giveaways. A last-minute discount or freebie will not only go down well with customers, it’ll also prompt new readers to follow you to stay informed of future perks.

15. Awareness days. Keep an eye on the various national and international awareness days that pop up throughout the calendar. You may be able to jump on a hashtag with your own celebratory post – remember to be open-minded about what relates to your business. After all, most people can comment on National Biscuit Day!

16. Videos. No time to write anything? Recording a quick video on your phone can take just a few minutes and best of all, videos are among the highest performing content on social media.

17. Guest bloggers. Do you have an eloquent customer, supplier or industry acquaintance who might contribute a few paragraphs on their specialist subject? Ask the writer to share the post with their own network to extend your reach to likeminded people.

18. Quizzes and puzzles. People love to test their own knowledge and short, fun distractions are always welcome during tea break time. So, put together a few questions for people to answer – this could be a serious quiz about your industry or just a bit of silly fun.

19. Beginners’ guides. Brief glossaries that aim to demystify an industry are popular with people looking for sources of advice and inspiration. What are the top five words or phrases that beginners need to understand about your type of product or service? Explain them in clear, simple terms to win new followers.

20. Presentations / speeches / slides. If you’ve recently given a presentation, published a new brochure or put together a slide show about your business, sharing the content will give your blog a visual boost.

Any more top ideas for people with blogger's block? Let me know!